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Acquiring solutions
Issuing solutions
Finon’s team of passionate Fintech expert specializes in designing and building innovative payment products and services. Shape tomorrow of digital payments with us.
What we propose?
for Issuers and Processors
Issuing Solutions
3D Secure
FinOn's 3DS ACS solution is a cutting-edge product designed to ensure secure and seamless cardholder authentication for card issuers and processors.
Our solution reduce risk for non-authenticated transactions, associated refunds and lost revenue, while at the same time establishing frictionless flow and improving cardholder’s online shopping experience.
It can be provided as a service or on-premise solution.
E-commerce Solutions
Payment gateway
FinOn’s Payment Gateway designed for smooth and reliable processing of online payments by e-commerce merchants, PSPs and acquirers.
Our solution supports various payment methods and types including website or in-app payments; pay-by-link, card-on-file and subscription-based. Easy integration and microservices architecture
Acquiring solutions
3D Secure
Finon's 3DS Server solution designed for Acquirers, Merchants and PSPs ensure secure and smooth cardholder authentication in line with EMVCo 3DS 2.X and 3DS 1.0 standards.
Our clients can operate 3DS Server on-premise in own environment or to integrate with FinOn’s 3DS Server Software as a Service platform.
for PSPs and Acquirers
About us
Why choose us?
We help companies co-create innovative payment solutions and to make them more efficient
We believe that payments are an inherent part of the everyday activity of any individual or business. Finon mission is to make the world a better place by improving and simplifying payments.

Our mission
Our team of fintech experts, with backgrounds in payments and retail banking, is dedicated to providing next-generation solutions for companies looking to innovate and start-ups looking to grow. We do this through
Who we are?
Customer first
Our values Define the character of Finon and serve as a foundation in how we act and make decisions
FinOn solutions and APIs flexible giving our clients versatility to build configurable products that meet specific needs. Open source gives both flexibility and cost reduction

All our products are benchmarked with the highest industry standards and up-to-date with the latest in security and compliance standards
Customer needs are at the center of everything you do.
We are committed to providing the highest level of
customer support and client service

A-team of payment card industry experts with over 20 years of experience in providing payment card services worldwide

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